Mighty Als Magnetic Penis Enlargement Device

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Frequently Asked





What is Mighty Al?



It is a 100% safe and natural designed to

enlarge your penis size when used as


Is this discreet?


Package is made to be discreet; also the

billing is discrete for our customer’s



What kind of


increase can I




You can expect an increase ranging from 1

to 3 inches in length

How long should I


use it?


To get the best possible results we

recommend using it as much as possible.

But remember, just like exercising, results

may vary. The more dedicated you are,

the sooner you will see results. We look

forward to your success!


Coming from a small


country outside of


the US can I expect




have the size of an


American man?


There are stories and myths of penis size

from around the world. One of the

common stories is that men from different

cultures or races have penis length

differences. This is entirely inaccurate.

The most common differences are in

length and girth but remember, there are

differences in all people in regards to

height, weight and appearance.

How do you ship the




We have multiple distribution centers

around the world, to get you your packet

as quick as possible. All orders will be

processed and dispatched within 24hrs.

I have never


ordered online. Is it




Yes! It is safer then placing an order over

the phone or even buying anything at retail

stores. We don't save your credit card

information and can't even view it. All

data is transmitted through a secure server

by PayPal or credit card processor.

Is it safe?


Yes. Similar items have been worn with

success by thousands of men all over the

world for over 2000+ years, and is totally

safe to use.

IT is completely natural, non-invasive, and

drug free unlike many other options


Is it comfortable to


Yes. It has easily adjustable sizing. After a

short time of wear, you will forget you

have it on and it is undetectable under


Should I wear it at

all times?

It should be worn as often as possible,

especially after work, until you receive the

results you want.